Five Benefits of Travel Towels


Travel towels are great for showering on the goTowels are simple objects, but surprisingly difficult to manage while traveling. You can travel without a towel and risk using the paper-thin sandpaper they provide at the hostel or hotel. Or you can bring a big, normal bath towel that takes up half your backpack. That’s where specially designed travel towels come in. They’re specifically designed to be ultra-absorbent while being compact, easy to pack and quick drying. Here are the five main reasons you should pack a travel towel:

Travel Towel

Travel Towels dry quickly, pack small and fight mildew and odors

First, they save space in your backpack and luggage. Regardless of which brand you choose, a good travel towel will fold to quite literally a fraction the size of a regular cotton towel. Every cubic inch of space matters when you’re backpacking and traveling. So don’t waste space packing a regular bath towel.

Second, they dry quickly. No matter how adventurous the traveler, it’s no fun drying off with a wet towel. Using just your hands to wring dry, you can get most of the water out of a travel towel with just a couple of hours necessary to evaporate the rest. This way, you’ll always have something nice, dry and comfortable to dry off with.

Third, they fight odors and mildew. Damp, dark and no air is not a good combo. Sticking any wet fabric back into the bottom of your backpack is a recipe for some nasty odors and mildew. These can also spread to the rest of your clothes in your bag. Packing a dry towel helps keep your backpack and your T-shirts dry, fresh and free of mildew.

travel towel people hanging on dockFourth, every ounce counts. These towels are much lighter in weight than normal. As any travel  backpacker can tell you, every ounce matters when you are carrying everything on your back. Some travel towels are up to three times lighter than regular. So lighten your load and save the weight for other things.

And fifth, they soak it all in. Travel towels are designed to soak up from 5 to 9 times their own weight in water. They are much more absorbent than cotton towels and can be used for multiple purposes.

So they are more than enough to keep you – and your stuff – dry. So whether you’re backpacking around Europe or volunteering in the Amazon rainforest, leave your big bulky cotton towel at home. Take along a specially designed quick-dry travel towel. You’ll save space, weight and you’ll always have a dry towel ready.

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