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Best Luggage Locks for Backpack Travel

Pacsafe Rectracta 250 Cable Luggage Lock

Pacsafe Rectracta 250 Cable Luggage Lock

Traveling is a good time and no matter where you go, the majority of people are honest. But, there’s always a small group that will steal your stuff if they can. And when you’re carrying everything you have in one bag, the consequences can be harsh. So it’s best to bring along a few lightweight luggage locks to keep your clothes and gear secure.

When and Why
Some people think luggage locks are just for airline checked baggage, but you’ll actually use them almost every day of your trip. One of the most common uses for luggage locks is any situation in which you’re separated from your bag. That could be as simple as putting it in the overhead bin a few seats back, throwing it on a pile of other backpacks at the back of a train or leaving it in a shared hostel or homestay room. In all these situations, you’ll want to make sure your bag and its pockets can’t be easily opened. But most thefts are crimes of opportunity, just a quick rifling through pockets and openings to see what they can grab. Travel locks make sure they don’t do that to your pack.

The other scenario where luggage locks are necessary is in any sort of crowded or chaotic space. If you’re dancing in the streets, exploring a crowded tourist attraction or waiting in a hectic bus station, you want to make sure your pack and its pockets are not easily accessible. Pickpocketing remains an art in many parts of the world and its practitioners are very good. Somebody asks you a quick question or “accidentally” bumps into you and the next thing you know your wallet, iPhone or cash are gone. Certain types of luggage locks also have flexible cables allowing you to secure your bag to a chair or railing so you don’t have to constantly think about it.

Types of Luggage Locks


Travelon Search Alert Luggage Lock

Conventional Travel Locks: Conventional luggage locks are small locks with a small, rigid U-shaped locking mechanism. These are best for securing day pack zippers when in a crowded space or separated from your bag. The best locks have an indicator to show you when it’s been unlocked by a TSA agent.

Flexible Cable Locks: It’s a good idea to bring at least one of these. Flexible Lewis N Clark TSA 80 Cable Luggage Lockcable locks feature flexible steel cables that allow you to reach and lock

multiple zippers on the same bag. They also allow you to lock your bag to a bedpost or railing to deter theft of the whole thing. Like conventional luggage locks, cable locks should have an indicator to let you know when it’s been unlocked.

Combination Versus Key Locks: This is a matter of preference, but we don’t recommend keyed locks. Keys just mean an extra thing to carry and keep track of. Better to keep the combination in your head, on a piece of paper or in an electronic device. Some say that a keyed lock is less likely to be picked. But all of these locks are meant to prevent quick crimes of opportunity. If someone has enough time and privacy to fiddle around with trying to pick your combination, they’re probably going to get the bag anyway.

We have bunches of the best travel locks, so check them out, take a few along and spend your time concentrating I’m good times.

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